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Month: April 2010 (page 1 of 2)

Time Is On My Side

Over at Pajiba, I’ve got a Seriously Random List devoted to movies that take place in less than 24 hours. It was a fun list to put together and discuss with folks online. It should probably go without saying, but the list is in no way exhaustive, merely an excuse to celebrate some flicks and get the conversational ball rolling on the others. Check it out:
Ten Movies That Take Place in One Day
And because I just can’t resist posting this clip whenever possible:

“Idol” Fatigue Setting In, Big Time

A boring week all around:
“American Idol,” Week Sixteen: Top 6 Perform
“American Idol,” Week Sixteen: Siobhan Magnus Eliminated

I Want My City Back

“Treme” seemed to stumble a bit in its third episode, though as I point out, it’s a tough point in the season.
“Treme” 1×3: “Right Place, Wrong Time”
(Also, I’m still doing a weekly wrap-up of TV news and commentary. Click away, and help keep me [somewhat] employed.)

As Far Back As I Can Remember, I Always Wanted To Be In A Gangster Movie

I’m starting something new this week for Houston Press, in which I blog about NBC’s entire Thursday comedy block instead of one show in particular. I enjoyed it more than just blogging about “The Office,” that’s for sure.
NBC Comedy Block, 4.22.10

“Idol” Gives Back: The Drain Of Public Charity

This was “‘Idol’ Gives Back” week, meaning the results show was a charity event that tested the limits of viewer endurance even as it worked toward a good cause.
“American Idol,” Week Fifteen: Top 7 Perform
“American Idol,” Week Fifteen: Tim Urban Eliminated

Well, Here We Go

At this point, “Lost” is starting to line up the pieces for the final showdown:
“Lost” 6×13: “The Last Recruit”

People Do A Lot Of Dumb Sh*t Because It’s Easier

“Treme” keeps getting better:
“Treme” 1×2: “Meet De Boys on the Battlefront”

Needles And Grooves

Just a reminder that I’ve got a Tumblr where I upload photos of my growing record collection, which began last Christmas. Cactus Music and Half-Price Books continue to be great sources of old vinyl, and I just discovered the wonderful Black Dog Records, as well. Here’s the latest:
On the Record

Review: The Joneses

Pretty forgettable:
Click here for the review.

“Idol”: Seven Up

It was a slightly repetitive week for “American Idol” as the remaining nine contestants performed again, though two were sent home as a result of last week’s save. (I am probably more versed in “Idol” rules than I ever wanted to be.)
“American Idol,” Week Fourteen: Top 9 Perform (Again)
“American Idol,” Week Fourteen: Andrew Garcia and Katie Stevens Eliminated