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For Your Consideration

I’ve submitted a panel idea for next year’s South by Southwest Film Festival. I want to talk about what it’s like to be a critic in the digital age, and how it’s tough to maintain balance when you’re beset by men and women willing to shill for a studio instead of honestly talk about a film. I go into slightly greater detail over at Pajiba, and I’ll likely promote this on multiple social networks in the coming weeks, but if you vote for me, I’d really appreciate it. You do have to register (small hassle, I know), but it only takes a moment, and you’d really be helping me out.
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  • Chez

    Just voted for you! What a great topic – and really applies to other areas as well. Random, but I read a lot of food bloggers who are constantly talking up certain brands because they send them free stuff. It devalues their opinion somewhat. Though I think most people try to maintain a balance between the two, I’m sure it’s hard to not love a company that subsidizes your grocery bill. :) Anyway, good luck!!