Office Conversation Held While Watching The End Of Game 7 (Spurs-Mavs)

Coworker #1: Sports-related question?Me: Sufficiently sports-related answer using detail cribbed from Bill Simmons. Coworker #1: General approval of response. Coworker #2: Arcane and rapid-fire question about baseball? Coworker #1: Equally obscure statement of agreement, displaying casual use of facts I do not know. Me: Joking attempt to steer conversation back toward basketball game currently being televised! Coworker #1: [Blank stare.] Grudging acceptance of same. Coworker #2: Another baseball question? Me: [Silent wish for Coworker #2 to trip and fall and break something and die.] Extremely vague baseball statement, demonstrating a solid grasp of the basic rules but nothing more. Attempt at casual mention of DH. Woeful misstep. Coworker #2: [Glance at Coworker #1.] Coworker #1: Derisive comment about my sexual orientation and/or ability to physically satisfy a woman. Me: Laughing acceptance of same. [Game ends.]