Pictures On The Interwebs

First up: This looks like a pretty stupid movie, but the poster's good.tucker I think all movies should now be advertised via tramp stamp.

This, however, is just annoying. Here are some images from HP's new ad campaign about computers aren't mindless machines, but actually warmhearted family members that deserve love and respect and all that: hp And here's the front cover of Jonathan Safran Foer's Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, published in April 2005: close There's an even better HP ad from a recent issue of Time that features a vertical hand outline filled with quirky script, but I couldn't find it online. In the words of Wayne Campbell: Did they think we wouldn't notice? You won't fool me, HP. You're not an earnest twentysomething author that gleefully pushes the limits of emotion via the written word. You sell printers. Learn to accept your industrialized nature.