You Got To Roll With The Punches And Get To What's Real

C—— stood on the floor of the coliseum, watching students file in. He spotted M—— standing across the way, idly looking in another direction as she reached up to scratch a spot on her cheek, near her nose.C—— grinned a little and called out to M——: “Now, now, M——, it’s not polite to pick your nose.” M—— wheeled on him, full of the vengeance rumored to be a hallmark of her sorority. “Ugh,” she exclaimed, “you are just, like so ugly!” Without missing a beat, in a moment of true inspiration that he would likely never match again, C—— responded jovially, “Well, at least I don’t try to cover it with make-up!” She wasn’t a horrible person or anything, but still, that’s just awesome. I don’t even know if they ever spoke after that. I like to think they didn't.