Sunday News Updates

Yes. Awesome. Yes. Yes. Yes.

The All Movie Guide has given itself a much-needed makeover.

I'm again in agreement with the TV Whore, this time about the Emmy nominations. I like "Lost" as much as the next guy, maybe more, but I support its omission from the drama series noms because, for my money, it wasn't the best drama on TV last year. It could maybe make the top 5, but barely. I think "Battlestar Galactica" was overlooked, but Emmy voters hate genre shows and love stupid traditions, so it will never get the recognition it deserves. But I've written at length about the show, so I'll just leave it alone for now. But come on, Emmy voters, how could you overlook Veronica like that? You guys all suck.

Some genuinely good news in the ongoing culture wars between fanatical Christians and the godless abortive homorapers of Hollywood (which is actually what the big sign used to say, but it was shortened for convenience). A federal appeals court judge on Thursday ruled that such companies as CleanFlicks, Play It Clean Video, and others are violating federal copyright laws when they edit down feature films and resell them without the sex/violence/tolerance/whatever pisses off people. In his decision, the judge wrote: "Their (studios and directors) objective … is to stop the infringement because of its irreparable injury to the creative artistic expression in the copyrighted movies. … There is a public interest in providing such protection." I'm amazed the case dragged on this long when the copyright violations have been clear from the beginning. I wrote about it more than a year ago, and was shocked back then that the proprietors of these companies, though ostensibly meaning to do well, were so gleefully ignoring copyright laws in order to perform an illegal service they thought was necessary. It's actually pretty American, when you think about it: Don't blame bad parenting, blame the movies. What's worse, companies like CleanFlicks tell their customers that instead of actively engaging the world around them and creating movies and TV shows that reflect their own beliefs, they should just go ahead and watch the same old Hollywood crap onlywith the nudity and violence excised and claim it as a half-victory. It's lazy faith.

And boom goes the dynamite: