Leviticus: Not Just For Lepers Anymore

Thanks to David Plotz over at Slate, I've learned something important from the book of Leviticus, a dull and oft-ignored book of the Bible. (And it's right up front, too, which is a shame. Whoever ordered the books should have remembered that a good compilation tape is hard to do: The third song can be slower, but not too much. This book is much more of a track 10-11 affair.)Anyway, it turns out that Leviticus 13:40 reads: "When a man has lost his hair and is bald, he is clean." Other translations place an even greater emphasis on the ceremonial cleanliness of bald men. And even if you're balding from the front, as was the case with more than a few of my friends in college, you're still ceremonially in the clear. Good to know.