This Is Just Annoying

There's a pretty sad column over at MSNBC wherein the author makes noises about examining our culture's obsession with the ability of Netflix and/or DVRs to deliver tons of content that we wind up never watching, though it's actually about lazy people who don't quite have the dedication they think they have when it comes to watching good movies. The author highlights an ex-Netflix employee, Crystal Trexel, who's had Maria Full of Grace rented from Netflix since December 2004. She still hasn't watched it.Her problem? Well, the column makes it out to be a combination of mood and mild laziness, but I'd say she's just plain stupid. She apparently likes movies enough to subscribe to Netflix's 8-at-a-time plan for $48 a month, yet she's had this movie for more than 18 months without once watching it. That means you don't like movies. That means you're fooling yourself into thinking you know what you're doing. In the time she's had Maria gathering dust on the TV stand, Crystal has rented, among other things, Napoleon Dynamite and every season of "Gilmore Girls" and "Sex and the City." Oh, Crystal. Poor, sweet, silly Crystal. She says of the film: "It's not the light sort of thing you put in when you have an hour and a half. It requires a special mood." That doesn't hold water, lady. Watch the movie or don't, but don't act as if you've never been in the mood to watch it for a year and a half. That's just stupid. Just return the movie and move on.