Monday = Thomson

From the latest add to the bookshelf:

Actually, I am more hopeful than that, for I am asking for the possibility, the need, even the duty for whole understanding. It can be done; it can embrace the murder and the majesty, the business statistics and the millions of us being moved, the art and the awfulness. What I am thinking of is a history … of magicians, con men, hacks, and scoundrels (and their ladies, too, never fear). … No one thinks to try the history of the whole thing in a way that could accommodate the artistic careers, the lives of the pirates, the ebb and flow of business, the sociological impact — in short the wonder in the dark, the calculation in the offices, and the staggering impact on America of moving pictures. Which is also the thunderous artillery of America unleashed on the world. And maybe because it is too hard. To be whole, the equation needs all of these things. And more.

And from the Independent:

He looked out to sea and chuckled. We could see young bodies surfing. "And here's the best part of it," he said. "Pirates has Johnny Depp, and it's possible at the moment that people would come to see his sleek indolence doing nothing. If they could write the nothing properly. But Pirates — everyone knows it — it's a bloody awful film. So the most heartening thing of all is that we can break the records and bring back the seats with a bad film. Think what we might do if we ever made a good one!"