Big Deposit, No Return

And the award for Most Expensive Date With Absolutely No Possibility Of Any Kind Of Sex goes to:This guy, known only as John, who paid $30,000 for a date with Jessica Biel. The whole thing is part of a fundraiser for a girl who lost a leg in a prom night limo accident (itself a somewhat comical, if morbid, turn of events). There's a possiblility that this guy's motives could be as much as 50% pure and humanitarian, but it's likely he's just some indepenently wealthy nutjob who's looking to rub on Jessica Biel for a couple hours. I'm not saying I don't see where he's coming from on this one (just Google her for yourself and see what I mean), but this guy has to know his chances of scoring are absolutely zero. There has to be a cheaper way to buy disappointment.