Saturday Time Killers

Who wants trailers? I know you all do.• A dystopian sci-fi tale that pushes the boundaries of the medium. • Visually stunning, good concept. It all depends on the execution. • Another great idea, and a good director, to boot. • This looks almost impossibly dumb, but I'll be honest, when it finally lands on HBO, I'll probably watch it. • Because Hollywood loves originality so much that it makes every movie twice (at least), enjoy a pair of trailers for period mysteries about magicians: The Illusionist and The Prestige. • This looks like it was upgraded from straight-to-Skinemax. Will this be the film that finally sees Elisha Cuthbert get naked? Her star power's fading, and if she doesn't do it know, she'll wind up doing it for less pay on cable in ~7 years. Trust me. • Wow.