Arizona Mix Tape

Because no road trip is complete without music (or an iPod), below is a series of tracks that, when assembled, should give you a pretty good idea of what it's like to see the blasted old shacks of Bumble Bee, the sun over Red Rocks, the clouds above Prescott, the pines along the 180, and the heat shimmering off the Sonoran. Figure out the clues to get the songs.

1. Roger's no longer so refreshing, but he's still something of a peacekeeper. On the latest album, he draws circles from right to left, not unlike the pattern of draining water down under. 2. Not to be confused with the KU mascot, these guys once released an album all about the future being bright on the other side, and the track in question shows an affection for Lucinda and her six-string. 3. The band? The monarch who always keeps falling behind. The tune? A suprisingly upbeat ditty about mourning from someone unfamiliar. 4. You probably aren't pronouncing this guy's name correctly, but that's okay: He still wants to show you the Prairie State. The track is named after a Polish immigrant who commanded our side in the Revolutionary War. 5. Long before this guy went to Jerusalem, he just liked to cruise Guitar Town. First track. 6. If your father's brother were from Mississippi, he'd sound like this band's name. The track is Las Vegas' nickname, or the Robert Rodriguez movie, or the Frank Miller comic. Whichever. 7. The band sounds like a wreck of an Southern Railway train. They've got an album that starts off with a blast, but the track you're looking for is all about the daughter of Herodias. 8. The Format's first album is all about butting in to someone's problems and then singing them to sleep. The track you need is after you're done making the knots but before you get all redundant about your state of preparedness. 9. The Boss went Southwestern a couple years back. The song is about sharing a cot with a woman whose name seems to come up a lot in songs by the artist who performs track 9. 10. For this avian band, it all started with this album, which was about the eighth month and all that followed. The track is a wet-sounding one about being in the service of the queen. 11. Named for the abbreviated form of an old-school radio affirmative, this band's first album sounds like a radio format itself. The track is from the middle of the album; if you start realizing the simplicity of certain things, then you've gone too far.