This Is My Over-The-Moon Face

Movie premieres and red-carpet events are one of the costs you pay to live in Los Angeles. They're best avoided, since they tie up traffic and bring crowds of photographers and crappy local news outlets and occasionally some unhinged fans. A buddy of mine really goes in for that kind of thing — seeing a movie at the Chinese and getting all sweaty when the director rolls up — but it's just not my idea of a good time.But accidentally coming across one at the ArcLight for Pulse, which (a) gave me a chance to stand and gape like a teenager at Kristen Bell, and subsequently (b) to realize that she's just about the cutest thing you could hope to see on a Thursday night in Hollywood, with (c) a body that could cut glass, and even (d) to serendipitously get a couple photos of same; well, that's just a sign from God that all is right in his universe.