Sunday Recap

• It doesn't matter if he was the bomb in Phantoms; he still has to prove himself all over again every time out.• Videos of the week: A glimpse of Neptune and a wild goose. • Things you should read: "I don’t think that WTC offers any more understanding of the events of 9/11 than Michael Bay’s Pearl Harbor did for December 7, 1941. In that way, Oliver Stone’s film feels like a failure." "Sure, the outside world is constantly moving forward and leaking into the high-school bubble, exerting its influence in various meddlesome ways but, at the end of the day, high school is high school. And even if you weren’t exactly a geek or a freak when you went through the experience, there will undoubtedly be moments of this show that ring true for you, regardless of what caste you were in." "Everyone in the movie has a cookie-cutter role to play that serves no higher purpose than to express what was obvious to the audience before setting foot in the theater." "There was even a fat guy two seats over who insisted on delivering a running commentary — somewhat sotto voce but not nearly enough — throughout the entire film. This is the true horror of modern life, if you ask me — not the dehumanization of technology, but the sad fact that no one knows how to behave in a friggin’ movie theater anymore." • Scorsese does Infernal Affairs? I'm there.