Sunday Recap

• It was a week of underwhelming media, whether Bible-thumping in Texas or shilling for a crappy movie.• Speaking of crappy movies: "Indeed, Snakes absolutely demands an audience. It’s a participatory event. And it may be the only time you can ever watch a film and not hate everyone in the theater for yelling throughout, because hell if you don’t find yourself treating the whole experience like a college basketball game." "Accepted, with a PG-13, comes across as a hapless dilettante too soft for college humor but too indebted to it to appeal to anyone else. It tries to be both an Animal House paean to goofiness and lunacy and a Nerds call-to-arms for outcasts who couldn’t get into college — it succeeds at neither." "When the reality is already so purposefully, unabashedly, conspicuously over-the-top shallow, what tools are left to the satirist? Such a send-up would be wonderful, but this movie certainly isn’t it. It’s just another insipid, uninspired advertisement for a lucrative brand. In fact, following the show, a theatre employee handed me a sampler package of perfume with the Hilary Duff trademark (quite literally) scrawled across the bottom. I don’t believe I could possibly have concocted a more appropriate conclusion." • See Grover. See Jane. SeeListen to Freedy Johnston. If you don't love it, you just might be soulless. • Trailer of the week: It's got a moderately cute concept and an okay cast, but most of all, a chance for Lorelai Gilmore to get naughty. Sounds good. • Watch and laugh: