Sunday Recap

• The week in reviews:"I’ll say this, though: Invincible does sport one monster of a rousing ending, absolutely dripping in feel-good dramatics. For any hardcore football fan who hasn’t seen a touchdown since January, however, the bar hasn’t been set particularly high. Still, it’s got all the sports-movie touchstones: Meaningful game, final seconds, and odds-defying heroics, even if it is on freakin’ special teams. But, for a real-life story, it all felt a little too perfect, a bit too Disneyfied ... " "Outside of the musical numbers, Idlewild is nothing more than an old-fashioned crime melodrama, a generic jumble of Prohibition-era gangsters and aspiring musicians — any one storyline instantly recognizable from a dozen other films." "The shame of it is that the earlier scenes, though not nearly as clever as Freundlich clearly thinks they are, suggest so many different ways that the story could have gone, and the plot is genuinely unpredictable for a while. That the film’s attempts at complexity and genuine human drama should wind up being tossed aside for such a pat, stupid ending is downright infuriating." • In case you missed it, you should check this out, and even if you saw it, go read it again: A great, lyrical exploration of Terrence Malick. • I spent my week in Neptune, and loved every second of it. As always. • I'd like to see the people who thought this crap up eat some "Deadwood" pancakes. Pretty sure their heads would explode. • Don't forget: The Emmys are stupid.