Sunday Recap

• This was a rough weekend for movies, but a good one for reviews:"When an auteur as widely admired as LaBute makes a movie as clumsy and hackneyed as this, a critic may be persuaded to call it a genre deconstruction or a parody — it’s the critic’s Get out of Jail Free card for a director who has badly misstepped — but I’m going to go out on a limb and call the film what it is: genuinely idiotic. ... LaBute’s Wicker Man goes beyond mere badness into clumsy abuse of the most exhausted genre gimmicks (it’s got hideous twins speaking in unison, a dilapidated old barn where rotten boards suddenly collapse beneath our hero’s feet — at one point, he even wakes from a nightmare to find himself in — another nightmare!) and a creepy misogyny that should keep film-studies majors busy theorizing for decades." "She thinks he’s a video game programmer, but after he sticks his hand in a waffle iron to keep his adrenaline going, she quickly learns otherwise. And for anyone only familiar with Smart from mindless, girl-next-door romantic comedies and her stint on “Felicity,” her ditzy vamp will kind of blow your mind here, especially when she engages Chelios in some laughably absurd sexcapades on a Chinatown sidewalk, up against a newspaper stall, and during an … uhm … unfulfilling car chase." "Crossover wants you to leave with the message that sports aren’t the avenue to success for any but a select few; that education is the surer course for essentially everyone. Unfortunately, it all kind of gets lost in the shuffle; the fact is that the only moments where anyone appears to express genuine emotion or possess any kind of anima occur on the court." • TV is great. Just great. • In the Bedroom was fantastic, and this looks like a great follow-up. • Easily the best part of this year's Emmys, which once again sucked: