More Interweb Goodness

Two quick hits:• LibraryThing is a pretty fun little toy. All the conspicuous consumerism of MySpace or Facebook, now with links to Amazon. Check out random books from my library on the left-hand side of this page. Start your own account. It's free, and let's face it, you know you're gonna do it. So just go do it. (If you're wondering, I picked up "Intended for Pleasure" when my college's library had a clearance sale. For the whopping price of $0.25, I got my very own 1970s-era guide to how Christians are supposed to get their swerve on. [It seems like the authors were being almost willfully ignorant by not including chapters like Repressing Guilt: Why Hating Yourself Is Good For You, or Sublimating Sexual Desire: The Latent Homoeroticism Of Sports In The Modern Male Mind, or even Don't Look Right At It: Seriously, You'll Go Blind And Maybe Go To Hell.] There are even little drawings, done with dashed lines like they're schematics or something, as if the authors weren't sure if they'd managed to completely suck all possible fun out of the subject and, just to be sure, they inserted some genuinely unsettling hand-on how-to sketches. Really, it's probably the best 25 cents I spent in college.) • In case I haven't mentioned it, you should all listen to Watusi Rodeo on Sunday mornings. If you're not out here in L.A., listen online. It's worth it. Trust me on this one.