In Which I Assert My Manhood And Offer You Some Navigational Tips

I'll do the second part first:I've updated and expanded the categories on the left-hand sidebar, for those of you who're just dying to peruse old entries grouped by theme. There are sections for Texas, California, TV, Politics, and more, including — believe it or not — Sports. Which brings me to the slightly bigger news: I have, in a manner of speaking, joined a fantasy football team. (I've also inspired more ground rules about the Rule of Two.) Granted, I will not be involved with the team in any way, and will not go to any efforts to watch games or read the sports page or learn stats or anything like that. I'm more of a silent partner. A very silent, uncaring partner. Still, it seemed like the 21st-century man thing to do, so there you go. Now stop asking me about it.