Thank God You Don't Have Retard Strength, TiVo

Because it's Wednesday, and because you need to, be sure to check out the TV Whore's excellent round-up on what should and shouldn't make it on your DVR. Here's a taste:

Instead, I’ll be watching its new competitor, “Grey’s Anatomy” (ABC, Sept. 21). Last season was frustrating, but the show is just entertaining enough for me to put up with its theatrics (and the most annoying female character since Ally McBeal). ... Fox, meanwhile, is keeping “The O.C.” (9 p.m., Nov. 2) in its home, and since its demo probably intersects with “Grey’s” a lot more than “CSI,” I expect that Ryan and the Cohens will see a bigger negative impact as a result of ABC’s move. Which means this will probably be the Orange County crew’s last season. Even still, as bad as last season was, I’m still going to let it keep a Season Pass just for those occasional moments when it still pulls a laugh out of me (and if it gives me just one scene as funny as last year’s Marissa Cooper death, it’s totally worth it)."

Now go read the rest, then come back and enjoy some classics: