Sunday Recap

• The weekend in film:"It’s not just a fantastic, frenetic police-and-thieves thriller, but also a welcome return to form for one of the best American directors working today." "There are certainly enough bludgeons, chainsaw eviscerations, and human consumption to make one’s stomach wobble, but it isn’t anything exceptional. Uninvolving characters are mangled in fairly uninvolving ways — what’s left to say?" "I just think it’s fantastic that director Greg Coolidge (Sorority Boys) finds new and exciting ways to infantilize women, objectify them as mounds of flesh one can rest upon a counter, and then make them appear bubbly and intellectually deficient, thereby affording the men in the audience an opportunity to feel smarter by comparison." "She may be a bit of a monster, but what else could she be? Thrust into the monarchy as a sheltered girl of 26, following her father’s early death, which the film suggests was a direct result of having had the crown dropped his lap upon his brother Edward VIII’s abrupt abdication, she gave up being a woman to become an institution." • "Hey, everybody liked my script for Training Day. I wonder if anyone will notice if I remake it with a white guy? Man, I'm brilliant." • This is just a suggestion, and Lorne Michaels is free to ignore it, but I think the current cast of "SNL" should be ritualistically slaughtered. Then the show should take a one-year hiatus to think about how bad it is. Then, maybe, if it seems everyone has learned their lesson, the show can come back. But only then. (Except for Kristen Wiig; she shall be spared. And Seth Meyers. And Amy Poehler. But seriously, that's all, everyone else is dead.) • Because every now and then the universe opens up and smiles at you: John Hodgman has a blog. • The best videos of the week: