Sunday Recap

• The reviews:"To work as the historical-political thriller it aspires to be, The Last King of Scotland would require the nearly impossible: viewers unaware of Amin’s atrocities, so that those horrors are revealed to the audience at or near the same moment they’re revealed to Nicholas. As it is, we’re in the position of watching a slasher movie set in a glass house. We don’t have to guess if the killer is standing outside the door — we can see him plainly the whole time." "But Ryan Murphy ('Nip/Tuck'), who adapted and directed Scissors, apparently didn’t read the same book the rest of us did. Burroughs’ memoir was funny and at times touching, but it never sought anyone’s pity. If you wept while reading it, it was because you were laughing too hard to breathe otherwise. But Murphy must have misread it, because his adaptation not only bastardizes the spirit of the memoir, it deeply disrespects it." "I admired the performances of Luke, Robbins, and the supporting cast; the cinematography is both handsome and lively; and many elements of South African life, such as the chanting of protesters during toyi-toyi, are used with beauty and expressiveness. Yet never did I feel the full moral urgency of Chamusso’s struggle or the complex set of motives driving Vos; it all remained a bit distant for me. Perhaps this fire is one I’ve just seen burn too many times." "Saw III manages to improve on its predecessor in both critical terms and as raw entertainment. Theatergoers moved by the spirit of Halloween to sit through a grisly and unpleasant movie will not be disappointed by the buckets of blood and inventive means of human disposal." I'd like to add on a personal note that I wouldn't see Saw III if it was playing on Heidi Klum's back. • I'm not outright bashing "Studio 60." I'm just saying, Sorkin's done a lot better."Veronica" is still great, though some seem to dislike my "Gilmore" opinions. Deal. • I'm really hoping to break 20 comments, or anyway I'd thought the mass hysteria for "Grey's" that's infiltrated the nation's women would at least inspire more responses. Come on, tell me what makes the show so good. • Kids are stupid. And adults can be even stupider. • If Colt McCook is out there, he should know that I think of him every time I see Colt McCoy. Also, if I had decided years ago that creativity and the arts were dead-end streets and that my life would be better spent chasing leather up and down a field, I totally would have become a placekicker. Good grief, what an awesome job: You still get the uniform and all the hedonistic perks (read: free hooch and esteem-deprived sorority girls), and you only have to do like 2% of the work. This is maybe the best idea anyone ever had, right after penicillin and carpool lanes. • I went to school with people who actually liked Rush Limbaugh. They've probably already bred by now, so there's really no stopping them. Which is sad. • I have no idea if this video is real or not. In favor of its being a fake: YouTube is a notorious breeding ground for crap like this (lest we forget the lessons of LonelyGirl); it's not that hard to shoot something now and make it look 20 years old (even these morons know that); the odds of a kid in the '80s having the foresight and developed sense of irony to make this are somewhat slim; the monologue is waaaay over the top; and why is the clip showing up now, anyway? Then again, in favor of the video's authenticity: Theater kids can be f***ing wackos. See for yourself. • Last, but certainly not least: The porcupine race track. Enjoy: