An Online Exchange Involving The Disposal Of Human Remains

Sis: i'm pushing for a biz centerpiece on a business that cleans out skullshehe some of the pictures are seriously just rows of human skulls me: awesome AWESOME Sis: yes they have some freaky pictures on the exhange like gross. we don't want people throwing up on the paper me: haha Sis: man, what if that was your job? the company takes human and animal skulls, strips them of tissue, sanitizes and sells them me: i'd hire a big guy and make him wear a zippered mask like the gimp in Pulp Fiction. i'd point to him and say "percy brings in more skulls than any other employee" and it would freak people right the crap out Sis: hahahahaha percy? me: i don't know it's a creepy name Sis: haha me: especially for a GIANT IN A ZIPPER MASK Sis: i laughed out loud and then my boss walked up love it now i can't stop giggling me: haha awesome