Wednesday Listmania

Possible Stage Names For My Burgeoning Career In Hip-HopSir Sweatsalot ComplaCent Sandwich Killa A Representative Of The Man Who's Been Oppressing You For Centuries This Shirt's An XL, Yo Possible Strip Club Theme Nights That, Upon Reflection, Would Probably Not Be As Enticing As Originally Intended Hos and Dobros: Exotic dancing set to the mournful strains of alt-country. We've Got the Beat: The dancers' songs are all replaced with spoken-word recordings of classic poems. Inevitably, one girl uses Ginsberg's "Howl" and collapses from exhaustion halfway through. Let's All Talk About Our Emotional Problems: Between sets, the strippers present brief monologues that chart the heartbreaking downward spiral of their lives thus far. Bring a Mormon and Get In Free as a Reward for Your Effort Emotional Honesty Night: For the price of a lap dance, the dancer will let you stare into a mirror and silently judge yourself. Horrible Candle Scents diaper burnt rubber chode wet dog old people