Sunday Recap

• The latest reviews:"It’s smart, without being intellectual. It’s funny, though not hilarious. Droll, but not too self-aware. And it’s a beautiful film. It’s bittersweet and achy and exhilarating and romantic and absorbing and hopeful and optimistic and, truly, it makes me happy to be a critic with so little to criticize." "Yet, like more than a few anxious suitors, once it relaxes and stops hitting you over the head with its supposed charms, you may find that it’s not such a bad way to kill an evening." "There’s nothing to recommend in Harsh Times, but oddly, almost nothing original to condemn. The half-cocked redemption angle, the emotional trauma, the sorry ending: It’s all been done before, and better. It’s like Bale himself has said: This confession has meant nothing." "It’s a thriller without any thrills; a suspenser with nothing suspenseful. It’s one of the most boring films I’ve come across all year and completely fails at the supernatural mystery it intends to be, yet it isn’t really a bad movie, just a thunderingly dull one." • I'm a master of awkward conversations. • Making lists is the only thing distracting me from the baby-killing homo-Nazis who've taken power. • Does anyone else remember Timmy from the Challenge? The last time he did it he had to be on the south side of 30. But get this: Beth is almost 40. Holy crap. • Hmm: