Good News, Indeed


RS: Your show has thrived during the Bush administration. Will you miss it? STEWART: I remember people used to say, "What are you gonna do when Clinton leaves?" And I'd say, "I'm really OK not having to make another intern blowjob joke in my life." And it'll be the same with these guys. I'd much prefer these guys to leave than to have to continue to make Lord Vader jokes about Cheney. I have great faith in institutional absurdity. RS: But wouldn't, say, a President Obama be harder to make fun of than these guys? STEWART: Are you kidding? COLBERT and STEWART in unison: His dad was a goat-herder! STEWART: I'd rather make fun of somebody who is wearing their humble beginnings on their sleeve than somebody who has created a situation where casualties are involved. So the idea that somehow it's easier now — it's not. Because right now it is a comic box lined with sadness.

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