Sunday Recap

• Review time:"Casino Royale is more than a breath of fresh air into a 40-year-old film franchise; it’s a slick, intense, action-filled, compelling look at the amazing places that franchise might be headed." "But those who head to For Your Consideration are advised to do so in the same spirit that they trudge to the couch for a favorite long-running sitcom well on its way to stale — with a much greater sense of loyalty than of hope." "It’s not your run-of-the-mill CGI film, either: It’s got a message that’s not tied up into some “Full House” brand of morality, but in cultural, societal, and ecological themes. In fact, there are times when Happy Feet is downright gloomy and even a bit psychedelic." "Overall, Let’s Go to Prison can’t decide what it wants to be — black comedy, tame comedy, or cheeky exposé. What it is successful at is staggering blandness." "While they manage both to convey many important facts and to engage in some enthusiastic calls-to-action, the feature film treatment of Fast Food Nation is often a confusing, frustrating array of ambitions nearly, but not quite, fulfilled." • "Heroes" still feels weird. Not as authentically nerdy as this. • I'd give real money to see the Stars Hollow bloodbath. • Maybe the funniest thing you will read all day. • This one's for The Sis: • Another Parsons classic: