Involving Frighteningly Graphic Subject Matter: An Online Transcript

me: oh mani'm editing a review for a reality show called My Bare Lady about porn stars taking an acting class and it turns out that imdb has these women in their system AND titles ew ... Sis: man, these titles are out of control me: Fine Ass Bitches 5 that's amazing hehehehehehe Invasian 2 brilliant Sis: Grand Theft Anal 9 me: hahahaha Sis: Party at Butts Place hahaha oh man most of these titles are from this year. she's had a busy year me: apparently so jeez these are amazing Absolutely Adorable that one's kinda cute The Maintenance Girls that one just sounds like a drama Sis: how deceiving me: yeah like maybe you rent it b/c you like maintenance then BAM boobies so confusing Sis: haha that's how they get ya me: "what the ...? that's not how you fix a coolant leak. OH GOOD LORD" Sis: hahahaha me: they should totally make educational porn like car repair home building etc. Sis: wasn't that what they made in "The Girl Next Door"? me: no the lesson there was "dating a porn star is probably a bad idea" i want the lesson to be "here's how to install drywall" Sis: no, i thought that the porn they made at school was like that me: oh but that was a sex ed video everybody already knows that wear a condom, don't sleep with girls named after cities, etc. i want basics of modern living painting the dining room, roofing, auto maintenance, etc. Sis: haha nice me: i think porn sales would get even bigger "hey, i love this girl! and now i can do my own grouting and tile work!"