Mmm, Books

A new column:What Pajiba's Reading. And man, the nutbag commenters wasted no time tearing into this one. Dustin thought it would be a worthy idea to make a list of what the staff had read in the past month, for no other reason than that we all like to read and it seemed like a good idea to share our most recent bookshelf picks with the readers. Maybe they would respond in kind, I thought, suggesting books they'd recently read and loved, or sharing stories of old classics or personal favorites that have always seen them through. It would be a nice chance for everyone to geek out a little and talk about what they were reading. As always, I think I expected too much. The kind of people who would see a list of potential reading material and note the books for a later trip to the bookstore or Amazon — people like me — aren't usually the kind of people to leave comments on random sites. The online community affords its loudest members a dangerous bravado, so when the Pajiba staff decided to do a one-off column intended just to tell people what we've been reading lately, some people immediately took us to task for our "pedestrian" tastes. Crazy people, listen up: We're not Bookgasm, or Bookslut (is there a book site that isn't somehow sexualized?). We just wanted to share the latest books we've read. That's it. That's all. If you've really got a problem with it, well, go soak your heads or something. Although at least no one has attacked me for Y: The Last Man. Because to do so would be stupid.