Sunday Recap

• The weekend reviews are pretty much what you'd expect:Mel Gibson is still crazy; romantic comedies are still dead; Edward Zwick is still a little bit racist; and British kids are still smarter than anticipated. • "I will vehemently argue with anyone that Monday Night Football ratings would have never dipped if ABC had simply kept re-signing Richard Dean Anderson to new contracts for 'MacGyver.'" It makes sense, if you think about it. • Speaking of "The Real World," what's up with the white gay Christian (and just wait for that s**tstorm to break out) going Kramer and dropping the N-bomb when he gets drunk? That was probably one of the greatest episodes ever, if only because it gave us half an hour of people with extreme intellectual handicaps trying to parse their feelings and mumble through apologies and statements of feeling that somehow all use the word "actualization." I love stupid people on TV. • Over at Pajiba, we like books. Deal. • Apparently, the final few episodes of "Veronica Mars" this season will be stand-alone episodes, instead of an abbreviated multi-episode arc as originally stated. I don't know yet how that will affect the show, but come on: Were people really complaining about the bus-crash arc of Season 2? I loved that season. Loved it. (Also, all apologies for linking to the site for E!, which reads like it was written and designed by one of those mentally challenged Real Worlders.) • Much props for those who know Elite Hotel, but it's a Gram Parsons song, from Grievous Angel. And man, Gram knew what he was talking about.