Get Busy Livin' Or Get Busy Dyin'

Age of Thomas Wolfe upon publication of Look Homeward, Angel: 29Age of Bruce Springsteen upon release of Born to Run: 25 Age of Bob Dylan upon release of Highway 61 Revisited: 24 Age of David Foster Wallace upon publication of The Broom of the System: 25 Age of Norman Mailer upon publication of The Naked and the Dead: 25 Age of Elvis Costello upon release of My Aim Is True: 22 Age of Wes Anderson upon release of Bottle Rocket: 27 Age of Noah Baumbach upon release of Kicking and Screaming: 26 Age of Ryan Adams upon release of Heartbreaker: 26 Ages of Jeff Tweedy, Jay Farrar, Mike Heidorn upon release of Uncle Tupelo's No Depression: 23, 24, 23 ... I am really, really wasting my 20s. Really.