The Best Of Slowly Going Bald, 2006: About What You'd Expect

Looking back over 365 days of posts, it's amazing how few of them really deserve to be remembered. But what with it being the end of the year, and with best-of lists proliferating everywhere, I figured I could do worse than to compile a bunch of links to the very few highlights this place managed to churn out over the past 12 months. Enjoy:• My perilous adventures in the sales world. • My evening with the drunk girl with sideburns. • My live account of Oscar-night letdowns. • My other encounter with an awkward drunk stranger. • My trip to the sun-blasted wastes of the Big Country. • My numerous problems with Lorelai Gilmore. (I'm still rooting for Eigeman to return.) • My gift to the Grand Canyon. • My concerns about the gifted Bryan Singer and the uber-hack Brett Ratner. • My favorite story about Chris Hawaii. (Or one of them, anyway.) • My favorite TV characters. (The list of which is always changing and growing. I can't believe I omitted Oz.) • My doubts about flying reptiles. • My disappointment with Spurlock's TV show. • My freshman year. • My advice to foolish young men. • My very own horror story. • My music week: Parts one, two, three, and four. • My foolish awesome educational trip to Sin City. • My thoughts about Rushmore, my favorite Texas films, my interview with a bona fide director, and the best movies you've never seen.