Google Search Terms That, No Kidding, Led People To This Site

january 2007 playboy1wes anderson font2 ben affleck bald does briana banks still act?3 balding men+girlfriend4 gilmore girls friends quote- first a layer of lady fingers then a layer of jam then beef sautéed praise the lord and pass the ammunition country song archie ball & the drells5 stars going bald how do I know if I’m going bald?6 castle Being There Hannibal Richie Rich7 slowly going bald going bald going bald in my teens really weird stick man movies am I going bald mcn Bambi sunlight8 battlestar galactica making of space channel bald piven sufjan stevens balding don’t burn the day away 1. I don't know what to say, except that Googling the latest Playmate and getting me must be a profound disappointment. This search occurred more than once. 2. This also occurred more than once. 3. Did she ever? And what's with the porn searches leading people here? 4. Holy depressing. This search also occurred multiple times, which is extremely sad. You don't need hair, fellas, just money and the ability to ignore her. Then you're golden. 5. Misspelled, but it still brought them here. 6. Ask people. Or, you know, look in a mirror. 7. I don't know what this means, but it's pretty creepy. 8. This one also seems to be pursuing teh boobies. Seriously, what does it say that these searches wind up at this site? Is Google's search algorithm that screwy? Or is something happening here that I don't know about?