The Lengths We Would Go To: An Online Transcript

me: if i had to shoot you in the gut and blow your blood across the wall so you could die and download into a new you just to save our i would do it RMS: thank you RMS: If you crashed over a hill 2 clicks away, I'd send sarah out for you me: thank you me: if you were stuck on the surface, i would act like i would nuke you to save the world, but i would be bluffing. i would let you live RMS: thx RMS: if you defied the authority of the group, I would tranfer your sentience to cold storage me: i appreciate that me: if you kept killing yourself to see the face of God, i would encourage you to follow your dreams RMS: thanks RMS: if you tortured me, I would imagine I was having sex at the time me: good me: if you got shot by a robot, i would totally kill her in cold-blooded vengeance RMS: thanks RMS: if I was really mad at you, i would have an intense boxing match then hug it out me: aw, thanks me: if your wife wanted to sleep with me, i would wait until she divorced you first RMS: thx RMS: If you betrayed the resistance, I would poison you me: you'd better me: if your wife was wounded a couple miles away, i would force you to stay with me at gunpoint RMS: good RMS: if you lost your eye and were embittering the crew, I would tell you to shoot me or get the hell out me: if sarah was being held captive, i would go with you and help kill the guys who were about to hurt her RMS: thx RMS: if we got stranded with the rest of a sports team, I would lead us in the resistance me: thanks me: if you sided with the enemy during the occupation, i would consider throwing you out the airlock once we escaped RMS: thanks RMS: I you were under my command, I would speak in low tones and not look at you until things were bad and I started to growl me: thanks me: if i were captured and asked about you, i would let them pull out my eye, since i would never give you up RMS: thank you RMS: if they killed you in a raid on the temple, I would blow myself up at graduation me: if you were shot in an away mission on the surface, i would lie to you and say the ship was here, so that you would be happy when you died RMS: thank you RMS: if you were captured and held prisoner by the cylons for years, I would admit that I lied to you RMS: about being shot down by me me: thanks, man me: if you were a mean commander of a rival ship, i would arrange your assassination