Sunday Recap

• Not as if you didn't already know this, but January is generally a crappy time to go to the movies: You've got porny werewolves, unnecessary and unfunny spoofs, and braindead action-comedies. Enjoy.• My deodorant doesn't really know who I am. But my friends do. • In addition to all these calculations, it's highly unlikely that your flight attendant will be attractive. Accept this and move on. • Veronica keeps on screwin' up, and that's why we love her. Also, Logan apparently hits the "intelligent asshole" persona right on the head, which is, I've been told, a good thing. • Please be sure to check out all the goings-on at C. Dowdy's blog, aka They Call The Wind Jehiah. He will teach you words like "aporia," and you will be thankful. • While we're on the whole pop music theme, there's also She's My Best Friend's Girl. Not that she used to be mine or anything; that's Ric Ocasek's thing. I'm just going with the deal that she's my best friend's girl. That's all. • Everybody knows Jesus. I'm sure this is somehow important, but I'm floored at the amount of time this took someone. • On that vaguely biblical note: Kosher porn? Yes, kosher porn. • Rounding out the religious trifecta: There are still plenty of crazies out there. This is disheartening.