Blue Velvet Comes To The Big Country: An Online Transcript

Sis: there was a body found in a field here. the big country is falling apartme: ...whoa wow murder? suicide? Sis: i have no idea just a body me: wow "just a body" were any fingers missing or anything? Sis: haha, i don't know [...] brb Sis: back me: did you go out to see the body? Sis: haha, no i moved my car me: ah did avoid seeing the body because you're actually the killer? it's ok. you can tell me Sis: ... me: ...crap, sarah not again not the murders AGAIN Sis: :-/ me: way to let down mom and dad and the state of texas correctional system Sis: sorry me: ah well just don't do it again now go out and play, you rascal Sis: ok!