News Time

Many good things happening over at Pajiba:The daily trade round-up. There's also: Jeremy's look at Kieslowski's Trois Couleurs trilogy. I'd give you an excerpt, except I don't want to give you just some acontextual nugget of brilliance. Just go read it and see for yourself. There's also : Dustin's real-time review of Open Water 2. A taste:

27:00: Wouldn’t it be awesome if the infant crawled out of the cabin and let down the ladder and the movie ended? I could really go for some wings right now.

Yeah, I figured you'd like that. And: The latest edition of What Pajiba's Reading. We like books. You should, too. Plus: The TV Whore keeps watching awful shows so you don't have to. Last but not least, a little something to see you through to the weekend. This is probably the best Carl's Jr. commercial I've ever seen, even though it took me at least a dozen times seeing it to remember what it was they were actually advertising. Hell, I barely remembered it was for Carl's Jr. at the beginning. Anyway, enjoy: