Review: Reign Over Me

Blah blah Adam Sandler blah blah widower blah blah Cheadle blah blah manipulative tragedy blah blah I will never be able to take seriously in a dramatic context the guy who did "The Beating of a High School Spanish Teacher."Clickety blah blah terrorism: Clickety-click. UPDATE: I stand by my analysis that having the two married characters in the film begin to drift apart for no reason is lazy writing. There's always a reason. Always. You wish things were different, or you resent someone and start screwing with their head, or you get tired, or you begin telling yourself that you deserve some kind of better whatever, etc. There's always a reason. Saying there isn't is delusional. Additionally, in Reign Over Me, it's hinted that Alan had some troubles with staying true to his wife in the past after dallying with a patient, but that never pans out. So it's not just lazy writing, it's doubly offensive to actually get within spitting distance of giving this guy some depth, some moral complexity, and then backing off.