Review: The Lookout

I have to say, I've already gotten some great comments on this one. Pretty much everyone seems to disagree with my take on the film, but my favorite commenter (so far, anyway) has to be Daisy, who said:"Yet, this review is completely skewed by what seems to be a little too much knowledge regarding the writer and directors' previous work." The end of her comment is difficult to parse, but I love — love — the idea that someone thought my review was skewed by being too knowledgeable about film in general and specifically the writer-director's previous efforts. Apparently I did too much homework; I thought too much; I analyzed too much; I examined the film in the context of the artist's collective works too much. How awesome is that? I had no idea I could try too hard. Sometimes you people are just fantastic. Seriously, don't ever change. If it weren't for the absolute wingnuts out there, this wouldn't be half as fun. Anyway: Clickety-click.