Review: Grindhouse

grindhouse.jpgJust a couple quick notes: I did, indeed, notice that McGraw was Dakota's father. But you can't mention everything. Speaking of mentioning plot points, though: Every movie review has to discuss the plot in some detail, and a film like this, in which we as critics try to bring some knowledge to the table when examining such potent filmmakers, is going to require a kind of plot-analysis-repeat kind of formula. Or anyway, that's what we favored this go-round. So if you don't want to know any plot points, maybe you should, you know, not read the damn review instead of getting your panties in a twist. I'm mainly talking about the commenter over there who posted with the screen name of Spoiled Milk (one assumes he meant "spilt," but whatevs), but really, the same goes for anyone, anytime, who considers reading a film review. It's going to discuss the plot a little bit, okay? So shut the hell up if that's a problem. Okay, now go play nice. UPDATE: Grindhouse marked my 100th review for Pajiba. Send me your cards and cash, and I will accept them with gratitude. ALSO: I know that no one will be able to understand this without considering me some kind of juvenile fanboy or sexist prick or pick your own analogy, but I think that it was kind of surprising that Grindhouse had so little nudity. The fake trailers showed some skin, but as for the actual features on the double-bill, there wasn't much going on. Wouldn't the whole thing have been much more '70s-trash-throwback if there had, in fact, been more gratuitous nudity? Anyway.