Welcome. Take Your Shoes Off And Get Comfortable.

open1.jpgSo, this is the new place. It looks a lot like the old place, and that's on purpose, since I was partial to the old place's layout, look, feel, and all that. But this place is a whole lot better: For starters, there's the banner at the top, whipped up by those whose Photoshop skills far outstrip mine (which is pretty easy to do, but still, it's a damn nice banner). The banner might periodically change, too; any suggestions of skilled, balding actors you'd like to see make the rotation are welcome, assuming I remember to implement them. Also, you should know that some areas are still under construction and likely to undergo some tweaking in the next few days and weeks, so don't be alarmed. All part of the process. Another also: If the photos in the banner appear cut off, or you can't read the entire title, try manually resizing your browser or upping the resolution on your monitor. (For my parents, whose computer is now the electronic equivalent of the large-print shelf at the library, the headline says "Slowly Going Bald," and is laid over a series of photos of balding actors, capped off by yours truly [though I'm obviously not an actor, just balding].) For instance: I've broadened the categories on the left-hand side, mainly the TV stuff, so all of you who check back everyday with breathless anticipation to see what new wisdom I've shared about the PCHers or Cylon mythology can help yourself to the archives. You're very welcome. What else, what else. ... Oh yeah: I expect there to be a learning period while this new blog and I get to know each other, learn each other's likes and dislikes, figure out how far I can go before she says the safe word, make up, etc. But I figured out the old blog after a while, and I'm sure I can make myself at home here without too much difficulty. In the meantime, though, there might be a couple lurches or shimmies along the way; take those in stride, and we should be just fine. So come on in. And try not to break stuff.