• RozieD has a new blog.• Mark Wiebe also has a blog. I'm not sure if I knew about it before, but trust me, you should all check it out. It will make you smarter, plus there's the added benefit that Mark is trained in some kind of unholy style of physical combat that measures progress not by belts but by how many men you have killed in the heat of battle. It's true. I swear. (Not coincidentally, his wife has a blog, too, and she was nice enough to help me move into my dorm when I was a freshman, me sweatily barging through the door of what I thought would be an empty room only to find a pair of grinning women in there in what had to be the most jarring but impressive housewarming gift an 18-year-old could hope for. Thanks again for that. And also for carrying all the heavy stuff.) • This is how I know I'm a tremendous geek: I really enjoyed this. • You've been Bamboozled: