Shows VH1 Should Bring Back

• "Behind the Music." Was this show ever not entertaining? The narrator infused an insane melodrama into the ins and outs of rock-star hedonism that made you care every time, whether it was about Slash going through bottles of Jack like they were Dasani or the totally awesome edit they had to do after one half of Milli Vanilli died. Seriously, that episode was already depressing, but when they re-cut it after Vanilli (I think) died, it took on stunning new levels of pathetic brilliance. The one where Leif Garrett apologizes to the friend he paralyzed? The one where David Cassidy talked about laying all those fans? Come on. That show needs to come back in a big way.• "Pop-Up Video." This show was right in line with VH1's programming strategy in the late '90s: completely inoffensive mainstream videos and specials aimed at people who just didn't feel like keeping up with MTV. (Though MTV was having a bit of a golden age back then, too; "Road Rules," we hardly knew ye.) VH1 as a network was some kind of emotional representation of what would happen if Matchbox 20 suddenly became their own music channel, and "Pop-Up Video" had the kind of hamrless clips like the songs you still hear on the radio at the cafe in your office building: "Stay" particularly sticks in my mind. The show was endlessly watchable, and you always learned a little something, even/especially if it was pointless. The network now seems hell-bent on capturing a truly horrible demographic, namely, the kind of people who think "Flavor of Love" is good TV. But if VH1 would just stop producing snark-filled talking-head shows and godawful reality programming, they could get back to doing what they did best: Churning out innocuous fluff.