Blog Love

I don't know if it's the new site or the cologne, but I seem to be attracting all-new readers. Of course, they could be long-time lurkers who are just now deciding to comment, driven by boredom (I guess) to chime in, which is fine, too. Anyway, I just wanted to assemble a few links/shout-outs to those who are making their voices heard of late. If I omitted you, I still love you very much, I'm just lazy. I'll get around to it next time, I swear.• I Love You in the Face She's funny, she likes "Buffy," she reads Pajiba and Toothpaste for Dinner, and her stories about her ex made me laugh out loud. Seriously, that's not some kind of online hyperbole. I laughed out loud. Of course, all laughing is out loud. Anyway, this is a good blog. • Litelysalted You know about Litelysalted, right? Because you should. She shares my disdain for Jared Padalecki, though I think she actually kind of likes him, or at least his "work" on "Supernatural." My buddy Collins knew Jared growing up, and Jared used to follow him around at debate tournaments in junior high because he was a total dork. So, there's that. Yeah. Back on topic: It's a good blog. • Bianca Reagan I realize this is turning into a list of random women who have for some unknown and likely unknowable reason have started reading my blog, and I swear it didn't start out like that. I mean, it'd be weird if it was all guys, too, right? I figured it would be a balance. Bianca knows what she's talking about, though. So, go there. • Hispanic! at the Disco Hey, a dude! Manny lives in Santa Ana, which you might know as the town where Lupe lived and where Buster briefly lived, thinking it was Mexico. Manny earns my sympathy since he seems to be a cubicle farmer, too; doing data entry in the O.C. is bound to make you want to kill yourself. Also, I have no idea if he's actually Hispanic, but he's probably not the screaming baby in his profile pic, either. So ask him yourself. And read his blog. • I told you about Josh, right? And Rozie? I know I told you about Mark. That's all for now. I will keep you all duly posted if more people turn up. Now go get your drink on. UPDATE: See, I knew this would happen. I should never try to make lists late at night. • Laugh It Up, Fuzzball Tracy's blog title comes from one of the greatest movies of all time, so right away you know something good is in store. Plus there's the fact that she is (or appears to be) Texas-based but is one of the sane members of the tribe. And her birthday is the same as my roommate's. Why does that mean you should read her? Because, again with the funny and the smart. Also she called me a blog crush, which means I should totally slip her a blog note before blog study hall to see if she wants to go to blog prom. Unless she's blog dating someone, in which case I'll stay home alone and get blog drunk and blog weep a little.