Action Is As Action Does

A few brief notes about the latest Guide at Pajiba, this one a salute to action flicks:1. Like all collaborative lists, this one ain't perfect. Sure, there are some good action films on the list, but I'd gladly trade Mr. & Mrs. Smith for Mission: Impossible. But I think I was the only one who didn't have Mr. & Mrs. Smith on his/her ballot, so it made the cut. Democracy in action, folks: First that f**ktard Bush, and now this. Ah well. Anyway, we only had room for 15 movies, so my advice to you if any of your favorites is to mention it in the comment thread. 2. I know it's kinda tautological, but an action movie is an action movie, OK? Close your eyes and think of action movies. That thing that came immediately to mind, with the explosions and the guns and bad guys getting blowed up — that's mostly what we were going for. Sure, we broadened it a little, because at Pajiba we're all about screwing with the rules, which is why we included Raiders of the Lost Ark, which is more of a classic adventure pic despite having some of the all-time great action sequences. But there aren't any Westerns on there because, well, it's a list of action movies, not Westerns. Get it? Same goes with gangster flicks, or vampire flicks. I look forward to reading the comments we get (well, not all of them, since some of you scare the tar out of me), but seriously, take a moment to think if the movie you're talking about is actually an action movie or if you just feel like bitching. Thanks for your time. And now: Pajiba's Guide to the Best Action Films of All Time.