Blog Love — 2

It's time once again for a little blog love here at Slowly Going Bald, where those lucky few upon whom my powerful gaze rests shall be treated to a free plug, which will turn into a subsequent boost in blog traffic, increased virility, the ability to perform complex math without the aid of scratch paper, and other superpowers. The regular rules and warnings apply: If I don't mention you, it doesn't meant I don't love you, just that I forgot to mention you. That's all. Try not to read any further into it than that, because then you're gonna wanna talk about it, and have a full-on DTR, and really I don't have the time. Okay then:• Moot Point Not "moo point," which everyone knows is a cow's opinion, which is why it doesn't matter. Moot Point is run by Brenda, who aside from being Canadian and thus being allowed to use words like "monarchy" in a political context, seems to have her head on pretty straight. She knows a lot about movies and books, both of which make me respect her a lot. Plus, again with the "Buffy" and "Veronica" love. Why don't these women live near me? Anyway, check her out. Smart kid. • That Little Round-Headed Boy Guy knows his movies. His blog has been through quite a few aesthetic changes recently, and while I preferred the older model(s), I still check in daily to see what the Shamus has going on. Great stuff. • Edward Copeland on Film Okay, first of all (that one's for you, and you know who you are), Copeland is doing weekly posts about the second season of "Twin Peaks," recently released on DVD, as if they're actually airing. How great is that? This guy has a fantastic film/TV blog, full of good writing and interesting links. He's also got a Star Wars blogathon coming up, and though I've never participated in one of those, my inner 9-year-old just might persuade me to chime in. Granted, he links to Anne Thompson, but nobody's perfect. • Kendall-Ball It's fantastic to read the smart, probing rants from a man who clearly loves God but hates the cornball corporation that a lot of religion has become back where I come from. Plus his name is hyphenated, for reasons I will never attempt to fathom. • Blahg He is the voice of one crying in the wilderness; he is Luke Reeves. And he has returned. That's it for this round. Thanks for tuning in.