Music Video Of The Week — 11: Heartbroken '90s Pop-Rock Edition

Because some weeks all you wanna do is turn up some 1994. With that in mind, break out that Mossimo T-shirt you don't fit into anymore and listen to these up loud.First up: I still own this album, and give it the occasional spin, and always enjoy it. I love every track (and am oddly partial to "Cajun Song," but I digress). "Until I Fall Away," by Gin Blossoms. I don't know why this next artist has disabled embedding on his YouTube video, which is pretty dick and defeats the entire purpose of the site. His official music video is right here, but for the purposes of convenience, here's another version: "Bad Reputation," by Freedy Johnston. Finally, this is a great single from an Austin pop group. Mention them at parties; impress your friends that read Pitchfork: "April's Fool," by Cotton Mather. And, what the hell, in honor of the early '90s: the original short film Bottle Rocket. Because sometimes it's good to remember what's on the list of things Dignan's not supposed to touch.