We Could Be Heroes. Or, Anyway, I Could — An Online Transcript

me: if i were a superhero, i would be shovelin dan the shovelin mani would go around planting trees and speaking out about the environment and having anonymous sex with groupies and i would drive a bus and i would get in adventures they would want to make my life into a kids' cartoon, but it would be too risque Sis: haha kind of like tek jansen? me: tek jansen wouldn't be fit to clean the grit from my shovel or wash my sheets, not without extensive training in my shovelin man ways Sis: haha you need sleep me: i can sleep in my bus while jenny drives me to the rally Sis: who's jenny? me: duh, sarah the redhead who's organizing the rally i'm speaking at she saw my shovelin dan photo and said the image of me in that hat made her feel like a woman should Sis: wow just... wow me: for i am shovelin dan, the shovelin MAN gonna dig me a hole, gonna plant me a tree