Your Questions Answered

[Wherein the author answers any possible/probable questions you might have. Who knows, one day I might even post the matching questions. But for now, on with the answers:]Brown Blue 6'2" More than I'd like Since I was 7 When I was 20 14 Third Maybe someday Possibly, but right now it sounds totally unappealing Sandwiches Two gallons a week, and right out of the carton Only during the playoffs, if at all More than 1,000 More than 40 About 200 To the right Newcastle Once, so far Grimace, Ray A few chords on the guitar Old 97's Probably blue [UPDATE: Peter Lynn has taken a stab at providing the questions. His responses for Questions 2 and 4 are way off, but everything else seems to match up. Damn him. Next time I'll have to be more elusive.]