In-World Inconsistencies That Render Disneyland's "Star Tours" Attraction At Best Inaccurate And At Worst Downright Apocryphal

xwing.jpg• The posters advertising a "tour" to Yavin are somewhat inaccurate, as Yavin was actually a gas giant, and the Rebel base was on Yavin IV, one of the moons. Duh. They also feature a shot of Luke on a tauntaun on the poster for Hoth, as well as shots of Bespin, but the ride itself renders that nonsensical, since the tour clearly takes place during the Battle of Yavin, before the Alliance relocated to Hoth or anyone went to Cloud City. Again: Duh. • The pilot was a droid named Rex, but is it really likely that the piloting of a human transport ship, even one belonging to a tourism company, would be left up to a droid? Sure, the R2 unit up top helped out, but you'd think it would be a better idea to have a human behind the actual wheel. • The instructional video that instructs tourists to buckle up and avoid using flash photography features a child taking a photo of a Wookiee, who is startled by the flash but just whines/growls about it. At the very least, the Wookiee should have yelled at the kid, and probably should have actually ripped off his arm as a warning. That would have been good. • Who's running this tour, anyway? The ship at one point jumps into the fray during the battle outside the first Death Star, which begs the question as to which side actually owns the tourism company. At a time of even small-scale war, it doesn't seem feasible that the Rebel Alliance is willing to pony up the credits to run tour ships throughout the galaxy. They sorely lack the infrastructure needed to mount a serious attack; they had something like 25 X-wings, tops, at that battle. • It also doesn't seem that likely that the Galactic Empire is running the tours, because since when do they care about showing people a good time? I guess it's possible the tours are being run by some kind of third party, a nonpartisan organization that leans toward the Rebellion, but you'd think that if they really supported the Alliance then they'd volunteer their tour boats for supply transports until the war is over. Ships are hard to come by, you know.